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Essential Ideas for Enterprise Software Sales Professionals

VOL 1. NO.1

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Why Information Technology Sales Fail to Close
The Sales Manager's Most Important Decision
Seek the Truth: A Strategy for Winning More Software Sales
Know the Pitfalls when Leading with Product
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Welcome to the Software Sales Journal, the monthly publication for users of the leading career site for software sales jobs:

The goal of this journal is to offer the users of a source of ideas regarding best practices in software sales strategy. We're pleased to say that some of the industry's most respected figures have contributed their thoughts. In addition, we've included a few sample job postings from companies that are aggressively hiring despite the market downturn.

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Why Information Technology Sales Fail to Close

By Gary Walker, Customer Centric Systems
Picture this: For about the eighth month in a row, you see the same prospect you’ve seen lingering for months. Your company has put a lot of time and expense into selling this account. “Four-legged” sales calls, full day visits at your corporate headquarters, all end up pointing toward an opportunity that has been lost to ‘No Decision’. Read about the major reasons why prospects elect to do nothing.

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The Sales Manager's Most Important Decision

By Barry Shamis, Selecting Winners Inc.
Over and over again we see examples of companies with inferior, over-priced products and poor reputations who compete against you for the same piece of business. You have the best technology but they have the best Sales People. Who do you think will get the business?

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Seek the Truth: A Strategy for Winning More Software Sales

By Dave Stein, Author of HOW WINNERS SELL
Are you spending more time generating less business? There are reasons for that but what are you doing about it? Are you changing the questions you are asking your prospects, digging deeper then ever before? If you’d like to find out how to spend less time generating more business, then Seek The Truth.

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Know the Pitfalls when Leading with Product

by John Holland, Customer Centric Systems
A salesperson calls on a prospect. After a brief introduction, the salesperson delivers a desktop presentation highlighting virtually every feature of the offering. Sound familiar? Many salespeople are enthusiastic about presenting their offerings but presenting product too soon can reduce the chances of making a sale. Find out you can effectively use your time and remove barriers to closing a deal.

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Senior Account Executive (Financial Services) - BEA Systems
Locations: NY, NJ
BEA Systems is the world's leading application infrastructure software company, providing over 13 000 customers worldwide with a platform for building, extending, and integrating enterprise applications.

Software Sales Executive - ComShare, Inc.
Locations: CA, WA, TX, GA, MA
Comshare, Incorporated is the developer of web-based applications that provides a comprehensive management planning and control solution. Customers range from mid-sized companies to diversified global enterprises, many of them Fortune 500 and Financial Times 1000 companies.

Account Executive - NetManage, Inc.
Locations: Bay Area, CA
Netmanage is the expert in host access and host integration software solutions, focused on extending legacy applications for web enabled business. Customers include 480 of the Fortune 500.

Account Manager - Ariba, Inc.
Locations: NY, MA, CA, CO, TX, IL
Ariba Inc. develops B2B marketplace & procurement software used by some of the world's largest manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to track and manage online supply purchases. Companies such as DuPont, FedEx, and Honda use Ariba technology to automate buying through corporate intranets, target preferred suppliers, and connect buyers with suppliers and distributors.

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