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President and Founder:Ron La Vine
Top Clients:CA, Cognos, EDS, HP, IBI/iWAY, Levi, Ray and Shoup, Micro Focus, MicroStrategy, Pearson, Serena, Software AG, Thomson.
Focus:Enabling the sales of technology solutions including software, hardware, unique applications, consulting services and educational services.
Location(s): Based in Oak Park, CA. workshops are held in Australia, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland and across the USA.

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Vision: Accelerated Sales Training, Inc. specializes in helping technology company inside, field and business development sales representatives remove the fear and rejection from cold calling through the use of live cold calls made by the instructor and the students. Key benefits include

- Reaching decision makers faster resulting in a decrease of the length of the overall sales cycle.

- Probing beyond the surface level to get extensive detail about the potential customer's motivations and business processes.

- Making cold calling easier and more effective resulting in greater sales rep retention due to increased job satisfaction.

- Setting up a greater number of face-to-face, phone and web demo appointments resulting in a significant increase in the number of well-qualified prospects into the sales pipeline.

- Consistently qualifying prospects faster resulting consistent filling of your sales pipeline and increased revenue growth.

- Free Sales Tips and Telesales Tips ezine.

Management Team:
Since 1989, Ron La Vine has been a member of the technology industry when he started with Sterling Software's Dylakor Division (rotary dial, core memory). Since 1997, Accelerated Sales Training, Inc., a live cold calling sales training corporation, has trained thousands and thousands of sales reps on how to use the Cold Calling System for Sales Success to eliminate fear and rejection from cold calling and sales. Ron has personally called on over 3,000 national and international organizations since 1997 for clients.

Degrees earned by Ron include a Bachelors degree in Management Theory and Practice from California State University, Northridge and a Masters degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Marketing and Organization Development from CLU University.

Ron’s experience includes calling on well over 3000 different corporations, organizations, local, state and federal government entities, universities and hospitals, including over 95% of the Global 2000 for their clients, during his live cold calling sales training workshops.

Ron is a member of the American Society for Training and Development. He is a past professional member of the National Speakers’ Association, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Association of Independent Information Professionals, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals and the Information Technology Association of America.

President and Founder:

Ron S. La Vine, MBA, is President and founder of Accelerated Sales Training, Inc. He has been in sales and sales management for over 40 years. Accelerated Sales Training specializes in working with technology salespeople--both inside and outside--who conduct cold calling over the phone into the Fortune 500 and large organizations such as local and state schools, universities, hospitals and local, state and federal government.

Each workshop is designed to deliver practical, time-tested, live sales call training, where participants begin showing results from the very next time they get on the phone. Participants love the “live calls” into their own accounts. Ron demonstrates low-pressure, easy-to-learn and use, customer-oriented techniques, ideas and processes.

He works with hundreds and hundreds of salespeople each year, helping them to learn how to get more business while working over the phone. Ron provides sensible, how-to ideas and processes that help salespeople use the phone more efficiently and effectively to cold call, prospect, sell and service accounts, without fear and rejection.

These how-to ideas, articles and tips appear regularly in the print and electronic media. Ron has written numerous articles and has been written about in a variety of magazines and professional sales and marketing industry-related newsletters, including SellingPower, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Selling Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine,,, USA Today, and Sales, Advertising and Marketing Magazine, Investors’ Business Daily, to name a few.

Ron holds Accelerated Sales Training, Inc.’s Cold Calling System for Sales Success - Live Cold Calling Sales Training Workshops® worldwide. Ron has trained thousands of sales reps using live cold calling for clients such as Agilent Asia Pacific, ASG, Cognos, Computer Associates, EDS, HP, Information Builders, iWAY Software, Levi, Ray and Shoup, Micro Focus, MicroStrategy, Serena, Software AG, Sterling Software's ADD, DID, OMD, SMD, VMD Divisions, plus over 65 more technology related firms.

Ron customizes the hands-on workshop for on-site, in-house delivery. Clients include technology-related companies such as ACT! Software, Agilent Asia Pacific, BaaN, Centra, Cyrano, CyrusOne, DataSpace, Firstwave, Imagine SA, Informix, OneSource, Optio Software, Seagull Software, Strohl Systems and Zeiss Technology plus many other corporations who have salespeople calling into the Fortune 500 and large organizations such as local and state schools, universities, hospitals and local, state and federal government.


Ron has delivered live cold calling hands-on workshops in Australia, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland and the USA.

Cultures trained included sales reps from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and all across the USA.

Target Verticals:

Accelerated Sales Training's target verticals include Application Development, Backup, Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, CAD/CAM Software, CNC Software, Databases, Data Centers, Educational Software and Services, Enterprise Reporting, Hardware, Help Desk, Imaging Software, Medical Software, OLAP, Security, Supplemental Educational Materials, Technical Training and XML.

  • ACT! Software
  • Action Technologies
  • Agilent Technologies Asia Pacific
  • Allen Systems Group
  • Aurum
  • BaaN
  • Batky-Howell, Inc.
  • BoldFish, Inc.
  • CADMAN Corporation
  • Canon
  • Caribou Lake Software
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Centra Software, Inc.
  • Cognos, Inc.
  • Computer Associates
  • Corporate Coaching International
  • Curriculum Associates
  • CyrusOne
  • Dataspace
  • Delmar Thomson Learning
  • Divine, inc.
  • EDS
  • ERDAS, Inc.
  • ezCall
  • FieldWorks
  • Firstwave Technologies, Inc.
  • Gale Group/Thomson
  • H & W Computer Systems, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard Middleware
  • Imagine Software
  • SA
  • Information Builders, Inc.
  • Independent Technology Group
  • Informix, Inc.
  • International Retail Services Group
  • ISYS Search Software Pty. Ltd.
  • iWAY Software
  • Kintana
  • Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.
  • Marconi
  • Mercury Group
  • MeadWestvaco
  • Medcon Telemedicine Technology
  • Micro Focus International Limited
  • MicroStrategy, Inc.
  • Molecular Applications Group
  • National Cable & Television Institute
  • NewPage
  • Objectspace
  • OneSource Information Services
  • On-line Consultant Software
  • Optio Software
  • Outtask
  • Pearson Education Technologies
  • PhoneMaster
  • Physicians Information Exchange
  • QDS, Inc.
  • Red Brick Systems
  • Remedy
  • RingMaster Software
  • RSM McGladrey
  • Seagull Software
  • Secure Agility
  • SERENA Software
  • Sescoi
  • Software AG
  • Sterling Software, Inc.
  • Strohl Systems
  • Tactical Security
  • Tenfold
  • TestAdvance
  • Thompson Delmar
  • Thompson Fast-Tax
  • Transoft
  • USinternetworking
  • Uniscape
  • US Netcom
  • Valtech USA
  • Verigon
  • VenturCom, Inc.
  • YOUcentric

Key Focus:

Accelerated Sales Training's key focus is on companies that sell technology solutions including software, hardware, unique applications, consulting services and educational services.

Awards Won:

Read what some of our past participants and sales management have said about the live cold calling sales training workshop.

Hi Ron,

Just wanted you to know that a NYC rep closed a [six figure] deal in Dec that paid for the entire prospecting program this year! He directly relates it to the skills he learned from you!
Thanks for your help,

John Barrett, Program Manager, WW Sales/Field Education
Field Strategy & Support
A Billion Dollar Software Corporation

I was amazed to see Ron actually uncover a sale for Agilent in Singapore. I know we had some concerns regarding cultures prior to the course, since we were not sure how your approach would work in the different countries around Asia. I have also been very impressed by your willingness to follow through on the program.
Peter O'Shannassy, Education Manager
Agilent Electronic Products & Solutions Group, Asia

Every week my inbox is filled with training course offers for easy answers and quick fixes to my Sales, Marketing and Customer Service problems. From experience, I've learned that most aren't worth the effort to open the envelope. Accelerated Sales Training’ training program was the remarkable exception. Listening to Ron work his magic forced me to totally rethink what it means to be effective on the phone. Ron did exactly what he said he would do in a jaw-dropping performance of skill. This training isn't voluntary, it's mandatory, for anyone with even the slightest interest in success.
Brian Hawkins, Business Development Manager
Action Technologies

The techniques are easy to understand, make a lot of sense and are simple to implement. Some on my team have already told me how they were able to make contacts and fill out an organization chart for large companies in just a few minutes, using Ron's techniques.

I am confident that any sales organization can use these techniques to gather more information in a shorter period of time, which will result in more sales.
Chris Chapin, Regional Vice President VAR/Telesales
Allen Systems Group, Inc.

Now, with what the reps have learned from Ron, I have a great deal of confidence that we will be able to close an opportunity quicker, build our pipelines more rapidly and increase our "coaches" in every single account we have, resulting in higher revenue production. Thanks again for the great training and be assured that Accelerated Sales Training, Inc. will be getting my sales training business in the future.
Ted Guthrie, VP of Sales
BaaN Company

I think your workshop is GOLDEN. It will put significant commission dollars in my pocket - in very short order. Thanks for your insightful and helpful training - I highly recommend it!
Kent Johnson, Account Manager

We were extremely impressed with the workshop - so impressed that after Ron conducted the initial workshop for our inside sales team, I asked the rest of our sales team to rearrange their schedules and attend the workshop as soon as possible. Accelerated Sales Training' workshop exceeded all of our expectations. Without hesitation, I recommend it for both experienced and entry-level salespeople. It's a tremendous motivator.
Sean Chiarito, Vice President of Sales
CYRANO Software

In the past, I have attended other sales training programs, but this is the only one that I was truly happy to have paid for. The results were fast, the content effective, and our employees were left confident and with direction.

I would absolutely recommend your class to any organization! Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.
Matthew Wallace, Vice President of Sales
Dataspace, Inc.

Over the past month our Call Center has tripled their lead generation performance, and our Inside Sales group has doubled their results in setting qualified appointments. It is my belief that the Accelerated Sales Training played a significant role in this increase in performance. Bottom line is that Accelerated Sales Training left a very positive impact on the group.
Charlie Simmons, SVP - Inside Sales and Call Center
divine, inc.

We are very pleased with the Accelerated Sales Training methodology and techniques that were taught to our telesales reps in class. Everyone who has attended the class has enjoyed it immensely, and found great value in the processes. I have not seen a better method for prospecting in any sales literature or class.

Our telesales reps and lead generation reps are now confident and ready to pick up the phone and generate leads. We appreciate Ron taking time to work with our staff one-on-one to prospect for new clients. This will help us to meet our goal of transforming our operation into a "cold calling" culture.
Paula Peters, Training Specialist

Thank you for providing the Accelerated Sales Training live cold call sales training to the team at Independent Technology Group. We had been treading water for several years with low appointment counts, and conveniently blamed it on the slow economy. I know now that we were wrong.

We immediately put into practice the techniques and strategies learned during our live training. In the first week, our appointment volume increased over 25%.

We are confident that revenue will quickly follow. We can only wonder how much more profitable our efforts would have been had we taken your training a few years ago.
Douglas Marlin, Managing Partner
Independent Technology Group

Hi Ron,

Here is an update of the Cold Calling Derby you developed and helped us implement after your sales training.

Since April, the sales reps have made over 1500 Derby-driven face-to-face visits (with about 1000
starting from May 1st alone). They have also added 27 Derby-eligible Forecasted Opportunities
at 50% or higher due to your cold calling workshops!!!

We would like you to train all our reps on a continuous basis.

I'll be in touch.

JD, Sales Training Director
Information Builders, Inc.

Since this class, we have noticed a great deal of improvement in our call statistics and quality of calls. We have started to penetrate major accounts and we saw some major sales during the third quarter. A great deal of credit for this improvement has to be given to this class. The reps have greater self-confidence in their jobs, and have become more aggressive in their phone skills. The new telesales reps are eager to take this class this spring.

We have never had a sales class in this department that so immediately affected the bottom line of the company.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to jump-start their sales. Thanks again, and we are anxious to continue our relationship in the future.
David Hooper, Training Manager,
Informix Software

Get Up to Selling Speed Quickly!
I was surprised how very quickly the time went by. I highly recommend your seminar to any who wish to become a true sales professional.
Michael Blaszak, Vice President of Sales
ISYS Search Software Pty. Ltd.

Having participated in many training classes in the past, I found this one to be one of the best. The approach, the hands-on experience and the practical applications will all be beneficial in what we do on a daily basis. Also, as a facilitator myself, I certainly know that keeping the participants engaged in the process is sometimes very challenging. Ron’s style in presenting the class certainly kept everyone engaged at all times. The class was very educational, helpful, and extremely beneficial! Thank you!
Cynthia S. Sech, Business Development Manager
MeadWestvaco Corporation

Thanks for delivering the "Cold Calling System for Sales Success Sales Training Workshop" to our Western Region Business Development Team. I found the session to be very informative and hands-on from a learner's perspective.

The model Ron has developed is thorough and immediately applicable to any type of industry and the method of teaching it is very effective.

I personally enjoyed the opportunity to make a call, apply this learning and test the process. It is proof that you do not have to be a salesperson to use these techniques!

Also, thanks for taking the time to learn about MeadWestvaco. This enabled you to speak the language of our sales group, which lends a lot of credibility.
Lisa Hone, Manager, Human Resources Development
MeadWestvaco Corporation

I truly believe Ron opened our eyes to a new world of opportunities. Even the most cynical sales reps were amazed by the new horizons opened for them. The entire team feels that they are now equipped with better tools to explore their territories. The team’s reactions were amazing. Ron’ system DOES work.

I got responses from my people such as “I don’t know what have I been doing for the last five years”, “I am a changed man” and more. The fact that, while the training was still going on we already got two real important meetings, was striking even to the most skeptical people. They are all are very excited now.

I feel that the Accelerated Sales Training system can be used not only on cold calls - in fact, I am applying parts of it to each and every call I am making.

I am sure we will use Accelerated Sales Training services again. Thanks again for helping us be a more successful team.
Rami Ziv, Executive Sales / Product Specialist
Medcon Telemedicine Technology, Inc.

Based on the key highlights from, our sales increased 19.3% and profit before taxes increased 24% for the past fiscal year.
Doug Little, VP of North American Direct Sales
Micro Focus (U.S.) Inc.

I am on the telephone every day, making sales calls into fifteen states in the US and three provinces in Canada, plus Northern Europe. I sell software tools for Oracle Applications shops. Accelerated Sales Training works for me, everyday, on every call. I might not be as successful today without this teaching in that class at Sterling Software several years ago.
Ben Thomas, Account Manager
RingMaster Software

I wanted to express my gratitude for the outstanding job that Accelerated Sales Training did for the Western Region. As you may recall, Accelerated Sales Training was brought in to deal with our specific problems of obtaining quality leads and information and build the pipeline.

I am happy to report that, after starting the year with negative margin, we ended with significantly increased margin and my specific district demonstrated significant increases quarter after quarter, in both revenue and pipeline strength. Indeed, this New Year marked the largest number of new customers in the west than ever before.

I am confident that the pragmatic techniques that were so clearly and readily demonstrated within just a short amount of time were a key contributor to our success. I have found Accelerated Sales Training techniques applicable to both the low-end commodity type sell in addition to the larger, long-term strategic account sell.

In addition, Accelerated Sales Training ongoing support via the email subscription lists and willingness to answer ongoing questions, clearly demonstrate Accelerated Sales Training commitment to their clients’ success.

Please feel free to provide my name and number to anyone considering taking advantage of Accelerated Sales Training educational offerings.
Brian Freese, District Sales Manager Northwest District
MicroStrategy, Inc.

Thanks again for doing such an excellent job with our training session. It was exactly what we needed. The techniques taught were easy to grasp and worked well for all of our salespeople, regardless of their experience or openness to new ideas. The techniques were practical, they addressed our greatest needs and it was obvious that they would make a difference.

Then, when we all started to put them to work in the practice calls, all I can say is "Wow!" We sold more during the demo calls that we invested in the training. Now that is ROI!!!

It’s been about seven weeks since the training and I've seen a clear and positive difference in the way we sell and the way we think. I've participated in a lot of training in my career, but I've never seen a program that impacted performance so directly. The workshop clearly exceeded our expectations.
Tom Brooksher, President
National Cable & Television Institute

Thank you for the opportunity to attend your Cold Calling System for Sales Success Sales Training Workshop. Even though I have been in sales for over ten years, I left the workshop with a new sense of commitment and confidence when applying the techniques to cold calling and prospecting.

Making actual telephone calls during the workshop was also far more valuable than just listening to a trainer teach from a workbook. Thanks again, and feel free to use me as a reference.
Vince Stanton, Central Regional Sales Representative
National Cable & Television Institute

I wanted to write to express my gratitude for the work Accelerated Sales Training did with my sales team. As you know, I came to Accelerated Sales Training with a team of people both seasoned and new to our organization, and also a company that is changing its product set and the way we sell. My goal was to significantly increase our penetration in to both new and existing accounts, in addition, to build confidence in my people, regarding how they uncover deals and network within their respective opportunities. We are firm believers in sales process and have embraced Solution Selling, however, my personal feelings are that Solution Selling is great once you make contact, but we needed a whole process around getting to the right people.

All I can say so far is “what a difference”. It was great to see people in the session literally jumping up to work with Ron and put into practice what Ron was teaching them. Accelerated Sales Training has made firm believers out of fifteen people on how to work through a company to get the information you need to be successful. Confidence levels have skyrocketed. We are actively measuring numbers of new quality contacts, number of new deals generated, size of pipeline, etc. and all are on the rapid rise. I now can say with confidence that we have the right sales tools to effectively grow the business the way we want.
Gig Willson, District Manager
SAS Software

Thanks again for a great class. Because of it, my telephone prospecting and qualifying has tripled in efficiency and I'm getting into companies I formerly had regarded as impossible. Watching Ron in action, on real live calls, call after call, showing how to get past barriers and maximize the value of each call, was remarkable. I was amazed by Ron’s success and am now beginning to achieve similar results myself.

I would certainly recommend this class and Accelerated Sales Training follow-up support to any business-to-business sales organization. Don't hesitate to use me as an enthusiastic reference anytime!
Sylvia Ahern, Ph.D., Account Manager
Sterling Software

This was the first training course that I had in my nineteen years of sales experience that I actually was able to implement what I was learning during the training.

By following the Sales MAP and applying the techniques learned, I have been able to exceed my goals and quotas in half the time it used to take me. Accelerated Sales Training processes work and are non-intrusive into my client’s daily routines; in fact my clients are now truly my partners in bringing Valtech's services into their companies.
Jeff Abee, Senior Business Development Executive
Valtech Technologies, Inc.

Accelerated Sales Training recently conducted a sales training class for my sales force. They left the class re-energized and excited about getting on the phone. The training provided was very valuable, especially how to get the most information from each call. I have seen sales increase and morale improve in the last few weeks.
I encourage my sales managers to go over the techniques learned in the class at least once a month to keep them fresh. Thanks for a positive and useful course.
Kim Cooke, President
US Netcom

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