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Sales Training firm Selection Application

This is a preliminary Selection Review Form, which will help us understand your Training Firm's focus and training methodology. The more information you provide, the better for us to select your firm for the Recommended List. Once you pass through our preliminary assessment, you will be informed. Please complete all questions below.

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1. General Overview
Firm Name
Phone Number
Year of Establishment
Office Location
2. Background of the Founders / Managing Director. 
3. Describe your Firm's focus and area of speciality. 
4. Provide a past client success example - use as much sales-related data as possible. 
5. Give 5 reasons why a Sales Professional would consider selecting your Firm over others. 
6. Give a brief background of your key trainers. 
7. Please provide two testimonials / endorsements about your Firm. 
8. Hosting Confirmation. 
Yes, I would like to recommend my Firm. I will pay the minimum hosting fee for $169.50 / month if my firm is selected (full
        payment payable in advance via credit card - $169.50 x 12 months = $2,034).
        Note: There is no fee for recommending your firm.
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